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I am Mistress Mindy – a young, busty, beautiful Toronto Dominatrix with a delicious combination of youthful energy and masterful experience. I am thrilled to be found on TGirl Hotel. The letter T has always been one of my favourites. As well as loving sissy little TGirls like all of you, T stands for some of my favourite things. Teasing! Torturing! Tantalizing! My Talents have been known to Transform my subs into people they didn’t know they could become.

My sessions have been known to Transcend Time and space. And of course, my pair of impressive (and natural) T’s have tickled the fancy of many over the years. I am here because I understand there are many TGirls who would love nothing more than putting a smile on my face. Whether you’re serving me by showing yourselves on cam for the delight of others, or if you’re among those others who gain additional happiness knowing that one of my little sissies is pleasing you and me at the same time, either way, you’re making me happy. And a happy Mistress Mindy is better for everybody.

If you would like to become one of my girls, you know what to do.

Mistress Mindy


Young, Sweet, Sadistic and Sensual

Are you craving the presence and attention of a beautiful, sensual, sadistic Domme? Do you wish to bow before me and worship me as I deserve to be worshiped? I have been teasing and tormenting lucky little subs throughout the GTA for over 10 years. Unlike others with my level of experience and creativity, I am far younger – Beauty, dominance and youth in one perfect package. I will own you, control you, and put you firmly in your place. If you are lucky enough to session with me, it will be an experience you will not soon forget and I’ll have you BEGGING for more. My dungeon is equipped with my own hand-built St. Andrews Cross, appropriate furniture for other torture and of course, every toy a sadistic girl could possibly need to remind a sub of his or her place. Get creative, send me a message with your wildest fantasies and we’ll see if I can’t enhance them for you. 

Mistress Mindy Mistress Mindy Mistress Mindy


… but you seem so young

It’s true – I am younger than a number of the other dommes you’ll find in the GTA. However, I’ve been doing this since 2001 (yes, over 15 years). I have worked with every type of client from high-powered executives who need to be put in their place to snivelling little worms who are barely worthy of licking my boots. My youth and experience make me quite possibly the most versatile domme you’ll ever meet.

… how did you even start doing this?

Some women are just lucky enough to know their role at an early age. When I was still in school, I realized that I liked punishing bad little boys for misbehaving, and it all just snowballed from there.

… so then how can you claim to be “sweet”?

Contrary to how other Dommes may represent themselves, I believe that powerful women don’t have to act mean. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of being an absolute bitch – I just choose not to be that person on a regular basis. Depending on the session type and the dynamic between myself and the sub(s), I can dish out punishment with a pleasant smile, or a demonic grin. In the end, I truly care about each session and client and want them to fully enjoy every session.

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