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I am Mistress Siren, a lifestyle and Pro Domme. I welcome you to my world. A world of pleasure for me and painful pleasure for you. I am articulate and highly intelligent. Be warned: I take no nonsense, I do not suffer fools. I enjoy every aspect of what I am and what I do, I especially enjoy dressing up sissies and maids. I hold parties and weekend retreats for Cds, Tvs and Tgirls. I enjoy these immensely. I own a few Tgirls and sissies and will consider more. I aim to make every sub/slave the best they can be, I have high standards and expect the best results, Second best does not interest me, so if you work for me remember this.

Mistress Siren Mistress Siren

When you session with me it  is your chance to escape the pressures of real life  for a while at least, it is a journey to be enjoyed not endured. I respect limits  so be assured you will not be pushed unless I think you can take it. Make no mistake you will know I have dealt with you and will feel the effects for many days afterwards mentally as well as physically.  Time  spent with me is always fun and fulfilling. This is a relationship of trust. Novices, first timers and nervous returners are most welcome   – limits are respected.  I really  enjoy every aspect of what I do and get great pleasure from it. Being a Domme is an integral part of who I am it is not a pretend persona or a role I play. When I enter a room people know I have arrived. I am well known and respected in the BDSM community.

Mistress Siren Mistress Siren Mistress Siren

I enjoy role play my favourites are Head Mistress and Equestrian Mistress. A good old fashioned  disciplinarian administering Corporal Punishment including caning, spanking, whipping.

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