TGirl Hotel

Mistress Tess

So you want to be owned by Mistress Tess!

I am Mistress Tess and I can be an understanding and patient Mistress for the T-gilr who wants to find her true game or her boundaries. But I can also be a hard and strict Mistress for the T-girl who needs it. If you are a good girl I can take you to a world where you could only have dreamed about. I am an enchanting beautiful Mistress, because of style and clothing choice every time different and unique in My appearances.

Mistress Tess

If you want to be My T-girl read the following rules, because I hate stupid and lazy girls !

  • I am the Mistress and you are the slave girl so be polite.
  • Never be late and do as you promised.
  • Slave girls may tell Me their hopes and dreams but I decide the game I play.
  • Show you gratitude with gifts, being useful and cleaning up for Me.
  • I play for My fun, so bad girls get send home and will never be welcome again.

Mistress Tess Mistress Tess Mistress Tess

And now you can be owned by being my webcamsissy and work for me! Click on the Register Button to make your sissy dream come true!

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