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I belong to Goddess Bad Barbie

I'm open to trying anything that is fantasized about. If they have me in them, I'm all game. I want to be limited to only performing oral sex with any woman, or even limited to just watching. Why? Her sex drive, and fantasies deserve the be let out and supported. Relationships don't work because sex gets boring. Well if I support, encourage, and admire her to tell me, and live out her naughty thoughts and fantasies. I'll help any way I can! I know that there are men that are irresistible for my woman single or not, I want my woman to have all or those men that cross her path. I love hearing stories about her at work, and her night with friends. So hearing stories of her nights with a man so sexy she gets wet talking about him. The details of her being layed down and taken by him, how amazing he felt inside her, and how many times he made her cum would have me oozing with cum before I could get it out to play with. Her telling me stories and me asking detailed questions would have me turned on thinking about the men as she does. I want her to show me pics of the guys, their bodies, and the dick picks they send her when they sext. Asking me "Isnt be sexy baby? Look how nice his cock is! Does it make your mouth water too?". Humiliating questions that being out how gay I actually am and making me into her gay cuckold boyfriend that she denies me of any straight intercourse.